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  KOOLJET - The Markets We Serve -      

KOOLJET at the Farm & Processors
Our solutions are providing cooling in the following examples. We work with growers and processors of Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs, Flowers, Meats and Fish and other Frozen commodities.

Factors such as deeper set-points, wide capacity range for harvest and holding, massive air movement, Dual-Kool and Free-Cooling technologies differentiate KOOLJET from others.

The product categories we address are...

  • Vegetables and Fruit Products
  • Potatoes - a specialty for KOOLJET
  • Meat and Fish, including freezing
  • Bread products of all kinds

The Agricultural Markets include...

  • Rapid Field-Heat Removal
    • Blast-freezing
    • Hydrocooling
    • Tunnel Cooling
    • Vacuum Cooling
  • Pull-Down, CA and Cold-Storage
    • Through-the-Wall, Roof or Door
    • Greenhouse Cooling
  • Frozen-Foods Cooling
    • Blast-Freezing Systems
    • Custom Refrigeration

Download KOOLJET General Brochure

Download KOOLJET Farm Products Brochure


KOOLJET at the Winery & Beverage House
KOOLJET designs and builds a wide variety of Wine Chillers for cooling tanks in small estate wineries as well as large commercial ones. We also design manifold piping systems for the coolant to chill several wine tanks at different intervals. The fermentation process can be stopped at any desired temperature when a mixture of glycol and water is used as the coolant solution.
Learn more about KOOLJET winery systems here...


KOOLJET is a large scale supplier of rooftop mounted systems for beverage cold-rooms. Many unique features and customer benefits are engineered into these system.

Download "Anatomy of a Rooftop Cooling System"

Learn more about Rooftop Systems here

Custom Refrigeration Systems
From fish and meat to pharmaceuticals, KOOLJET can provide DEEP freeze custom refrigeration systems along with specially made blast-freezer air handing systems. Our "Comfort-Range" is down to MINUS 76°F.

KOOLJET can manufacture freezing systems using Direct-Expansion as well as Propylene-Glycol recirculation systems for air handers. Custom refrigeration using Cascade approaches with natural refrigerants are also possible.
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Reliable Refrigeration Systems



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Authorities in Preserving Perishables

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