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VEGETABLE and FRUIT CROPS: Refrigeration Cooling, Freezing and optional Heating applications include; apple, asparagus, blueberry, broccoli, cabbage, carrot, cherry, cranberry, cucumber, currant, ginseng, lettuce, mushroom, onion, peach, potato, raspberry, rutabaga, spinach, strawberry, tomato, turnip, watermelon and more.

WAREHOUSING, FOOD PROCESSING and MANUFACTURING: Refrigeration Cooling and Freezing applications include; vegetable, meat, fruit, ice cream, wine, beer, beverage, dairy, cheese, food processing, process manufacturing, and more. We design Systems for any size of facility.

KOOLJET Refrigeration goes Continental

KOOLJET Refrigeration, based in Canada, announced that they have recently shipped their first one-piece systems overseas. McCain Foods has purchased KOOLJET Refrigeration Systems for their new storages in Harbin China.
McCain Foods, China 2
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McCain Foods, China 2 Gene Stampfer, President of KOOLJET Refrigeration stated that "it is an honor to ship refrigeration from North America to China, a country that could no doubt produce something at a lower cost. The fact that McCain chose to ship KOOLJET's one-piece systems is a testament to how well they work and how easy they are to install. Since they are complete systems, there is little room for error installing them at the destination."

Mr. Stampfer says KOOLJET is in talks with more potential international customers and hope to ship more systems to customers around the world. Many countries prefer the quality they receive from a product built in North America.

KOOLJET Refrigeration and Freezing Systems are engineered with the following quality features:

DUAL-KOOL Technology
KOOLJET Refrigeration Systems incorporate two independent refrigeration systems, providing you with greater Reliability and Operating Cost Efficiency.

Humidity Control Advantage
KOOLJET Refrigeration Systems are engineered to minimize moisture loss in your storage, maximizing product quality and value.

Convenient One-Piece Design
KOOLJET Refrigeration Systems are designed and constructed as a complete unit, providing you with convenient through-the-wall installation, eliminating costly onsite assembly.

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